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Laser-Assisted Root Canal Treatment

Laser-Assisted Root Canal Treatment

A root canal infection occurs when bacteria in the mouth access the soft pulp in the center of a tooth. This can be quite painful, and if not treated soon, the infection can spread and get worse.

Laser dentistry refers to the use of laser technology when performing various kinds of dental procedures. Thanks to the use of dental lasers, dentists are able to treat the hard tissues and soft tissues of the mouth without scalpels or traditional drills. The dental lasers that are used offer a high degree of accuracy and safety.

When the laser is introduced into the tooth access, you see the solution pulsating with the debris of dead tissue streaming out of the access hole making the canals free of dead tissues.

Advantages of Laser assisted root canal treatment

How Does Laser Root Canal Work?

Also known as a laser-assisted root canal, laser root canal uses advanced technology to help access the pulp chamber of a tooth and clean it out. In essence, it is performed like a traditional root canal but uses a safe dental laser in order to enhance the effectiveness of treatment.

Laser Root Canal Procedure

During a laser root canal, a laser drill is used to access the pulp chamber of the tooth. This laser drill allows for a more precise removal of the damaged tooth structure and causes less friction when used.

Once the pulp chamber is accessed, the dentist removes the diseased dental pulp. A soft tissue laser can be used to help sterilize the tooth structure, from the chamber to the dentinal tubules leading into the center of the tooth. The hollow chamber is then filled with an inert material and the tooth is capped.

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