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Dental CAD/CAM

Dental CAD/CAM

With CAD/CAM dentistry, custom 3-D images of your prepared tooth or teeth are created by digitally scanning your impressions. These scans are then used to produce a virtual design for the restorative device, which is then sent to the digitally connected milling equipment. The design guides the milling machine to carve the restoration from a solid block of restorative material.

It can be used in the design and construction of veneers, implant abutments, crowns, inlays, onlays, fixed partial dentures, and full-mouth reconstruction. Also, we can use CAD/CAM in orthodontics.

What are the steps involved in a CAD/CAM procedure?

What are the Advantages of Dental CAD/CAM?

Which material is used in Dental CAD/CAM?

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